The Food Hub has found a home…

We are thrilled to announce that site for the Sustainable Food Hub has been confirmed!

The site in question is part of the planned AgriTech development at Hinxton, 5 miles south of Cambridge.

“The site at Hinxton is even better than we had originally hoped for our project. At this location we will meet our objective of providing affordable space and facilities to small food businesses. Best of all, food production will be taking place in fields immediately adjacent to the Food Hub, meaning it will also be an amazing location for on-site education.”

Duncan Catchpole, Project Leader

The proposers of the site, SmithsonHill, will themselves be contributing towards the project costs, making the reality of this project much more conceivable.

“The Food Hub sits perfectly within our planned AgriTech development. It will be an incredibly positive asset to the local community and to the future employees of the site. The social and environmental objectives of the Food Hub reflect our own ambitions AgriTech and its impact locally and globally.”

Emma Fletcher, Managing Director, SmithsonHill

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