Other Media

The Cambridge Independent reported on the launch on our pilot phase, April 2019.
The Naked Scientists featured us in a podcast on Sourcing Sustainable Food, April 2019. Transcript here.
Alice Guillaume, Project Manager, introduces the Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, January 2019. Transcript available here.
Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth, talks about the Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub. Added April 2018
Duncan’s talk on food miles at the Cambridge Science Festival, added March 2018
Duncan and Emma Fletcher from Smithsonhill introduce ARC, a potential site for the Food Hub, added December 2017
Duncan’s presentation about the Sustainable Food Hub at the Harmony in Food and Farming Conference, July 2017
Duncan talks about the Food Hub at Earth Optimism Day, April 2017
Duncan’s talk at the ‘Cities and Food’ conference in Krakow, September 2016