Our aim is to create a sustainable local food system that works in the best interests of its members – in particular, small food producers, processors and buyers – and does so in a way that is environmentally and socially sustainable. This involves facilitating direct trade between sellers and buyers through our shopfront on the Open Food Network and the physical infrastructure we provide.

Importantly, the Food Hub is not a food trader. We provide the services that are required to shorten supply chains, increase the amount of local produce consumed, and improve access to healthy, fresh food: in other words, to deliver the environmental and social impacts that are our primary aims.

Whether you are a producer who grows or processes food, a retailer, cafe or restaurant, or any other organisation whose business is food, we hope that the Food Hub can benefit you. Please take a look at the relevant tabs for more information.




If you have any questions regarding how the Food Hub could benefit your business or organisation, please get in touch at

N.B: Please do bear in mind that this is our pilot phase; in these early stages we are as new to this as you are. However, as one of our early adopters you would get our undivided attention. We would be in regular contact with you in our quest to continually improve the service, and would be committed to making this service work for you: we are all about supporting small enterprises.