Services for Producers

We appreciate that running a small food business is difficult. Often, small businesses are the ones at the forefront of ethical and sustainable innovation but suffer from the dominance of larger retailers. 

The Food Hub can offer:

  • Access to new markets and to support the formation of relationships with independent retailers.
  • Collection and delivery of your goods, and free storage of stock.
  • Direct trading with retailers which gives you more control.
  • To serve your wholesale customers better. It is crucial to our operation that we provide the best service possible to our buyers, and make the Food Hub a network that buyers want to be part of.

We hope that a key motivation of any business looking to join the Food Hub is being part of something bigger than themselves that strives to provide social and environmental benefit.

How would it work?

We have a shopfront on the Open Food Network. In order to add your products to our shopfront a Producer’s Profile will have to be created for you: this can either be done by you, or we will do it on your behalf. You can read more about what this would involve, as well as details on payment and the logistics of collection, in our guide to joining the Food Hub.

Contact or phone 07734 470 888 for more information.