Crisp Packet Recycling

Crisp packets are notoriously difficult to recycle. Working with Savoursmiths crisps, a local producer based in Duxford, we are reducing the waste associated with this popular snack.

How does it work?

As with the Green Coffee Shop Scheme, the idea behind the crisp packet recycling scheme is to ensure that we are efficient in our provision of services. If we are already visiting your establishment to make a delivery of local products, it makes sense for us to help you reduce your waste to landfill at the same time.

The brand of crisps that we are recycling is Savoursmiths. Based in Duxford, and using potatoes grown on their farm, they are the most local crisp brand for establishments in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. Their two new crisp flavours – Desert Salt and Vinegar and Somerset Cheddar and Shallot – come in Code 5 recyclable packaging. This makes it much easier to recycle than the mixed packaging of most crisp packets.

We will provide you with a receptacle for collecting the used crisp packets. In the true spirit of reduce, reuse, recycle, we have made these collection boxes from the same boxes the crisps are originally delivered in – with an informative sticker added.

When the box is full – and at the same time as we are making a future delivery – we will collect the packets for specialist recycling, replacing the box with a new one.

Collection of the used crisp packets is free for Food Hub members. As members, you will also get access to the crisps at direct prices, saving you money.

Go Green. Save Money. Support Local Businesses.

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