Services for Caterers

Are you a coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, or other catering business local to Cambridgeshire? Want to support local food producers but find it difficult to deal with numerous suppliers? Interested in being a part of an innovative, sustainable local food system?

The Cambridge Food Hub can offer you:

  • Access to high-quality products and fresh produce* made or grown by other local businesses. 
  • A direct relationship with producers that enables you to keep track of the latest product releases and provide feedback to the manufacturers.
  • The infrastructure to facilitate this relationship, including an online trading platform and electric vans to perform low-emission collections and deliveries

* In our initial phases the Food Hub will be dealing primarily with non-perishable products, with the aim to widen this offering to fresh produce over the summer.

You will also be part of a wider network of food businesses collaborating to bring about social and environmental impact. Our Green Coffee Shop Scheme is a good example of this: take delivery of a case of locally-produced barista-style oat milk and we’ll collect your used coffee grounds for recycling. 

How will it work?

We have a shopfront on the Open Food Network. Once we have registered you as a customer you will be able to access the goods we sell through our shopfront and place orders. You can read more about what this would involve, as well as details on payment and the logistics of delivery, in our guide to joining the Food Hub.

Contact or phone 07734 470 888 for more information.