‘A local food centre dedicated to sustainability’

Cambridge is already a great place to find sustainable food; the Sustainable Food Cities bronze award that Cambridge Sustainable Food has achieved is testimony to that. Our vision is for something much greater though. The scope and scale of the Food Hub project will mean that local and sustainably produced food can become a prevailing characteristic of city life, and build on Cambridge’s reputation as a forward-thinking sustainable city.

In Cambridge Sustainable Food’s endeavours to acquire a Sustainable Food Cities award certain factors have been identified that are currently preventing Cambridge from excelling as a sustainable food city. These are:

  1. The high cost of commercial property is a barrier to the creation of new food businesses
  2. The existing distribution infrastructure for local and sustainably produced food is unable to satisfy the procurement demands of large scale catering establishments
  3. A widening gap between those people who can, and cannot, afford to buy healthy and sustainably produced food

The Food Hub aims to address all of these issues and deliver three additional impacts that will not only be of benefit to the people of Cambridge but bring about positive change on a much larger scale.