Good Food For All

Cambridge is an affluent city, but being on a low income in an area of prosperity can be really difficult.

Cambridge was recently identified as having the worst levels of inequality in the UK. Our aim is for all people to be able to access good quality, healthy and sustainably produced food, regardless of income.

The ‘Good Food for All’ workshop was attended by representatives from Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge University and Sustainable Food Cities. They used the Institute for Manufacturing’s ‘Value Mapping Toolkit’ to analyse the way people are accessing food at present, the inherent inequalities of that system and how it is giving rise to food poverty, and  then devising a scheme in which the Sustainable Food Hub will make good quality, healthy and sustainably produced food more accessible (meaning affordable, easy to obtain and supported by nutrition and preparation training) to local households that are on a low income.

The outcome of the workshop is the report linked to above. It was put together by a team of Cambridge students working with the Sustainable Food Hub as part of the Cambridge Hub’s Social Innovation Programme. The report outlines the results of the workshop, including the Value Maps created, and makes recommendations for how the project can progress.

That fact that public institutions are coming together to collaborate with a small business and address a social issue is, in itself, quite ground-breaking.

‘Good Food for All’ is going to be a solution to the issue of health inequality and food poverty with a commercial basis, meaning it will not be dependant on food donations or volunteer work. It will be self-sustaining and will not require funding from the institutions who are participating or the public purse. Instead, the ‘Value Mapping Tool’ will identify ways in which value can be captured and translated into discounted fresh produce for those who need it.