Green Coffee Shop Scheme

The Cambridge Food Hub invites local coffee shops to reduce their environmental impact by participating in the ‘green coffee shop scheme’. Take delivery of a case of locally produced oat milk and the Food Hub will collect your spent coffee grounds for recycling.

How does it work?

The Cambridge Food Hub is committed to reducing the environmental impact of food through better coordination of the supply chain. The Green Coffee Shop Scheme shows how we can achieve circular systems through collaboration between local businesses.

The Food Hub will deliver barista-style oat milk to your coffee shop or cafe. At the same time, we will collect a caddie of used coffee grounds. We will provide you with the caddies as part of the scheme. The idea is that the collection of waste products is efficient, as it happens at the same time as goods are being delivered.

As part of the Green Coffee Shop Scheme, we will be working with the following Cambridgeshire businesses:

Glebe Farm’s barista-style oat milk is perfect for the burgeoning market for vegan and dairy-free coffee. It is manufactured using oats grown in Cambridgeshire.

One of bio-bean’s core beliefs is that ‘there is no such thing as waste, only resources in the wrong place.’ bio-bean recycle coffee grounds to make heating briquettes and biomass pellets, saving waste and capturing a valuable energy source.

Why get involved in the Green Coffee Shop Scheme?

Go Green

Oat milk has a lower carbon footprint than dairy milk and requires less land and water to produce. Recycling coffee grounds reduces waste to landfill and provides a carbon-neutral energy source.

Save Money

Removing bulky material from your general waste for recycling should reduce the cost of your commercial waste collection bill. We are in discussions with the council to see if regular participants in the scheme could get a further reduction on their waste collection bill.

Get Promoted

We’ll provide point of sale materials to let your customers know you’re being green and promote your business throughout the summer months.

Interested in the scheme?

Contact or phone 07734 470 888

Coffee shops and cafes currently participating in the scheme: