Harmony in Food and Farming Conference

This week, Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub has been at the Harmony in Food and Farming conference, outlining the Food Hub’s vision for a more sustainable future for food. Duncan joined speakers including Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Dame Ellen MacArthur, Tony Juniper and HRH The Prince of Wales.

In his book, Harmony, A New Way of Looking at Our World, The Prince of Wales addresses the practices of modern life that have put us at odds with the world. He outlines his philosophy for a balancing of our actions, through a reconnection with Nature, that ultimately will lead to the creation of a safer, cleaner, more just world.

At the conference, speakers explored how the principles of Harmony applied in the fields of food and agriculture, as well as the environment, health and arts. You can view Duncan’s speech on the Home page. The idea of the Food Hub, as a bold project for bringing the future of food to Cambridge (and beyond), was well received.

Quotes from the event:

“We are struggling with a deep separation from our humanity & nature with profound implications” ~ HRH, Prince of Wales

This conference and book are important “calls to action reminding us of the urgent need for change to avoid irreversible climate change, ecological breakdowns, food insecurity and a public health crisis” ~ Patrick Holden

“We are developing new ways of doing business which puts providing people with healthy and sustainably produced food is at the heart of our mission… The Sustainable Food Hub is going to be an ongoing test bed for innovating new solutions for sustainable food distribution.” ~ Duncan Catchpole, on Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub

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