Launching the Food Hub on the Open Food Network

Exciting news: our shopfront is now live on the Open Food Network!

You can find us at or by clicking on the ‘Shop’ button on the main menu (above right).

Initially we will be focusing on B2B sales. If you are:

  • A local producer and would like to include your produce on the Cambridge Food Hub’s shopfront
  • A local buyer (shop, cafe, restaurant, deli, etc) and would like to buy more local produce

we’d love to hear from you!

Drop us an email at or

What is the Open Food Network?

Founded in Australia, the Open Food Network is a global not-for-profit providing the tools and resources for the creation of better food systems that are fair, local and transparent.

Individuals or organisations can either set themselves up as producers, sellers (a ‘hub’, as we are), or both. Producers might sell through a single hub or multiple hubs, and one hub will likely see the goods of a number of local producers.

OFN aims to facilitate food systems where both buyers and sellers benefit and where customers know exactly where there food is coming from and where their money is going. For example, all goods sold by hubs on the OFN will link back to their original producer so you can find out more about who grew or made what you’re buying. You will also see a price breakdown next to each item telling you how much of what you’re paying goes to the producer and how much is enterprise fees the hub needs to cover their costs.

We’re extremely grateful to the team at OFN, particularly Nick Weir, the Communications Manager at OFN UK, for supporting us in setting up the Cambridge Food Hub. We’re lucky to have found an organisation that shares many of the same values and aspirations as us.

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